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National Weather Service Assesses Calera Storm Damage


CALERA,OK -- Sunday evening storms swept across Bryan County causing widespread damage. Many residents were curious if the town of Calera was hit by a tornado because of the level of damage. The National Weather Service did an investigation this morning.

Severe storms began forming around 5 o'clock Sunday evening along a cold front that was draped across the area.

Rick Smith, the Warning Coordinator Meteorologist with the National Weather Service says, "One of the things we look for when we are doing damage survey is the debris or the damage that is left behind and how much their was, what was damaged and in what direction its laying."

The movement of the storm that hit the city of Calera was from the northwest and pushed southeast. When the National Weather Service assessed the swath of damage much of the debris coincided with the movement of the storm on radar.

"In this example all the debris and all the damage was laying down in the direction the storm was moving," explains Smith.

Take for instance this trailer home. The wind swept it off in one direction towards the southeast. When you look northwest you see only grass. Even the tree in the background laid in the same direction the debris had flown.

Throughout the town of Calera, roofs were damage on the north and west sides but the south and east sides were fairly in tact.

Video of the storm itself indicated straight line wind damage. If you examine the storm there are no signs of rotation, only a straight line direction movement.

Technology has really helped the National Weather Service access damage. They can use their phone's GPS to pinpoint their location which can then be overlayed with radar.

The investigation of the storm points to one thing.

"A lot of damage, a very wide swath of damage from the best we can tell this was probably straight line wind damage .. Very significant though, it doesn't matter what you call it. It still did a lot of damage probably had 70 mph winds in the town of Calera and surrounding area," says Smith.

So it certainly doesn't appear the town of Calera was hit by a tornado but no doubt these people will remember this storm for the rest of their life.