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Authorities confirm arson in Milburn car fire


MILBURN, OK -- The Oklahoma Fire Marshal's office has determined that a car fire last Monday was set intentionally.

The investigation is still ongoing, but authorities have confirmed suspicions of arson. Both the Johnston County Sheriff's Department and the family of the vehicle owner believed it might have been arson from the beginning.

Fire crews put out the fire early last Monday morning. Later that week, the sheriff's office requested additional help to investigate the fire. The car's burnt remains still sit in the driveway, serving as a grim reminder to the family, who just hopes that the perpetrators are caught soon.

"Like I said, they're still staying at the house, because they have a small baby, and we don't want anything to happen to them. So for their safety, that's where they're going to stay," said Marilyn Whittington, the grandmother of the car's owner.

She says that the car had no fuel in it and had not been driven in some time, but that her relatives are still staying away from the house until they feel it is safe to return. The fire marshal's office described the vehicle as, "a complete loss."