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West Nile Warning, How to Protect Your Family


SHERMAN, TX -- The West Nile Virus continues to plague the public on both sides of the Red River. 24 new cases in Oklahoma just this week. Now the Oklahoma Department of Health is sending out a warning to the public.

"Mosquitos are most active in the early morning hours and early evening hours," says Art Harmon, owner of Results Environmental Pest Management.

So far 55 cases have been confirmed in Oklahoma. Texas has a whopping 351. Harmon says with the right products, you don't have to be afraid to go outside.

"Mosquitos require standing water. That's where they lay and hatch their eggs," says Harmon.

 Harmon suggests targeting mosquito prone areas with floating briquets.

"It acts as a larvicide to kill the mosquitos," says Harmon.

You can also have your yard professionally sprayed.

"Probably to do the average city lot, the perimeter, the lawn area, the shrubs, you're probably looking at $175 to 225," says Harmon.

A professional spray can last up to 45 days. Another option, do it yourself. Harmon can help you pick out the right products. If you don't want to spray your yard, spray yourself before heading outdoors.

"Repellents are very effective," says Harmon.

But if you live near a wooded area, or perhaps a creek where there's standing water, Harmon says you may want to consider going the extra mile.

"If you have any questions about mosquito control, come down to our store," says Harmon.