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A decade old cold case puts a McCurtain Co. town on edge


VALLIANT, OKLAHOMA - It was a big break in a cold case more than ten years old when a McCurtain county man was arrested on Friday, accused of killing his wife, he had reported missing in 2002.

39 year old Jerry Meek was arrested on Friday at the paper mill where he works in Valliant, but he later bonded out for $25,000 the same day, and was back at work on Saturday.

But things are not even close to back to normal for Jerry or for Valliant.

For the past decade, since his wife Hope disappeared, this case has haunted the town and now it seems an old wound has been reopened.

"Even if you left your kids, you're not going to go off without your drivers license, and your wallet and your money and your purse and stuff like that." said neighbor, Kevin Harrison.

But that's just how 25 year old Hope Meek disappeared in late February of 2002.

Vanished without a trace.

Her mother recalls the last time she spoke to her on February 20th.

She says Hope told her she and Jerry had been fighting, and he had beaten her.

"And that was the last time I had spoke to her, so on the 21st when she didn't call, we decided we needed to start calling her, but we didn't get an answer for 5 days." said Hope's mother, Sheila Walker.

She says when she finally did reach Jerry, he told her Hope was gone, and she told him to report her missing.

More than ten years ago, family members say this is the place Hope called home. She lived here at this house on Sectionline Road with her husband Jerry and their 3 children. This is also allegedly the last place Hope was seen alive.

"I"'ve always heard over the years that he possibly could have had something to do with it, but I judge right off because only God can do that." said Harrison.

OSBI says Jerry Meek finally reported Hope missing after days of not seeing her, and he admitted to authorities that they had fought the last time he saw her.

"We were waitIng ten years because we were hoping we were going to find her body, and with her body evidence of who killed her and who disposed of her body, but now that ten years has gone, we haven't found her body, we have every reason to believe that she is deceased, the district attorney agreed to go ahead and prosecute this case." said OSBI's Jessica Brown.

On Friday, after more than a decade of no signs of life from Hope, OSBI made the move to arrest Jerry, on one charge of first degree murder, and they feel confident they have plenty of evidence against him.

But for Hope's mother, it will never be enough.

"When you lose a child, I pray you die, as well." said Walker.

Judge Dewitt tells us Jerry Meek made an initial appearance in court today.

He was advised of his rights and told his bond of $250,000 will remain the same.