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All is good in Coach Rogers' Neighborhood

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DENISON, TX -- Football season has officially started in Coach Chad Rogers neighborhood and his Denison Yellow Jacket squad has already warmed up to him.

The Jackets kicked off their first day of practice bright and early Monday.

They are coming into this season with a lot to learn.

Besides getting used to being in a new district, Denison also has to get used to a new head coach.

Chad Rogers is coming in from Snyder High School and he is bringing a whole new offense with him.

"You think it'd be frustrating changing offenses and completely different offense. But with coach Rogers he assures you that this is gonna work. He assures you that it is the thing for us. He has a lot of confidence in us and that helps you and puts you in a good position as a person, said senior quarterback Clifton Hines.

Hines isn't the only player who's excited about what Rogers brings to the table.

"Coach Rogers is great. Coach Rogers has brought a lot of stuff like new equipment, you know, all this stuff, new offense, you know it all seems like its good, you know, its gonna work. Everybody's ready to work," said senior safety and running back Keondrick Golston.

"He hyping us up more so like, we ready to go this year," added senior receiver and defensive back R.J. Polk.

"He doesn't say anything negative. He expects just as much as we want. He's gonna try to get us there," said senior linebacker Dylan McConnell.

This is only Rogers second move in his 24-year career, his first as a head coach.

"Moving is kind of different for me. But kids are kids. Kids deserve coaches that believe in them, and we do that. We're building off of a lot of tradition," Rogers said. "Coach Brown, Coach Criswell, Coach White that I get to follow. Those are some of the best coaches in the state of Texas. The pressure and expectations on me are extremely high."

Even with all that pressure, Rogers has already begun to instill a new mindset in his players.

"He's teaching me to not let little things affect my whole football game. And if something happens, something happens, and I should just let it go and just keep pushing. Never just stop just keep pushing," Hines concluded.