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New HD Lens for a New School Year


SHERMAN, TX -- With just a few weeks left of summer, students and their parents are back to school shopping. Eye glasses may not be on the school supply list, but it's a must need purchase for many. Now a Sherman store is introducing a new lens that can help students see that chalkboard even clearer.

A new eye glass lens by Eyemart Express is changing the way people see.

"This is something that's totally different and we feel we have completely revolutionized the industry," says Doug Barnes, co-founder.

Scratch resistant and no glare, "If you look at my lenses you really can't see any type of lenses in there. I'm wearing the lenses," says Barnes.

The Doctor Barnes High Definition Lens has people of all ages seeing clearer.

"It's like the difference of going from a standard definition television to a high definition television and it just feels so clear," says Barnes.

Barnes says the new product has the best cut, the best clarity and the best coating money can buy.

"The lens is so clear people actually put it on and say wow," says Barnes.

And now even more customers are excited to put this progressive lens to the test.

"I'm going to try out the new HD lens. I've never tried it, but we're going to out it to the test," says Buddy Kniss, Eyemart Express customer.

"I've always used Line Bifocals so I'm glad to try the out the new HD lens," says Billy Harris, Eyemart Express customer.

You can try them too.

"These lenses will actually sell at doctors offices for $1,200. Just the lens. And we're selling them for $289," says Barnes.

And if you don't see clearer, Barnes says there's a money back guarantee.