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Power outage from storms leaves hotel guest stuck in elevator

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SHERMAN, TX - For many people, it 's their worst nightmare. Being trapped in an elevator. But for one woman staying at a hotel in Denison, it was just a minor inconvenience.

A lot of people might've panicked, being stuck in a dark elevator for more than an hour, but this Best Western guest, pretty much just laughed if off.

"I'm thinking as long as I don't have to go to the bathroom, I'm cool." DH

Dorothy Herron has been staying at the Best Western in Denison since May for business, but Monday afternoon she spent more than an hour of her day stuck in a situation that would send most people into a panic.

It didn't scare you at all? "No."

Tell me why not, because you know a lot of people would panic.

"I haven't got claustrophobia, but I know that I was going to be okay, it just takes time. I was talking to people, I had all my friends telling me, yelling down at me, and I was laughing with them." said Herron.

Being trapped in an elevator in the dark, for a lot of people that could top the worst fears list, but not this feisty Californian.

After rushing in from a storm, Dorothy hopped on this elevator, not realizing she'd spend the next hour waiting to get out.

"I am totally soaking wet, when I get up half way, it just stops, so I got my phone out and my friend called me for some reason, and I called her and told BJ I was stuck in the elevator." Herron said.

"Constantly I was talking to her and seeing how she was doing and she was very calm and said I'm fine, I know you're working on it." said Best Western manager, B. J. Patel.

For more than an hour Dorothy was stuck in the elevator that was stuck between 2 floors, but the hotel manager called the fire marshal and fire fighters were able to free her as soon as the power came back on.