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Schools of Dead Fish Litter Lake Texoma


OKLAHOMA, TX -- Schools of dead fish floating in Lake Texoma have lake goers concerned that the water may not be safe.

"Fish kills are always difficult to see and understand," says Matt Mauck, Regional Supervisor, Durant Fish Hatchery.

Many people and boaters at Lake Texoma this weekend came across hundreds of dead fish.

"It's a natural phenomenon that has happened many times in the past," says Mauck.

Officials at Durant's Fish Hatchery received a handful of reports from boaters and fisherman about Drum and Catfish floating on the water's surface.

"From what I'm hearing, a couple hundred of small catfish, biologically speaking, is pretty small. But if they do get concentrated in an area, it's going to put out a smell that isn't appealing to people," says Mauck.

Mauck says a number of lakes nationwide have fish dying off.

"I think it's because of the intense heat and drought that we are in. These fish aren't comfortable now. The water is hot. This happens from time to time in these hot summers," says Mauck.

The dead fish are unsightly, but the live fish are ok.

"If people are catching these fish and they look fine, they are putting up a fight when they are bringing them in, there's no concern," says Mauck.

And even better news for lake goers, the fish kill will be over soon when colder water rises to the top.

"The lake should generally de stratify by the end of September, bringing relief to the lake and the fish," says Mauck.