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Mayor of Howe contracts city wide spray for mosquitos


SHERMAN, TX - Mayor Jeff Stanley says although they haven't had a good rain in a while, they're still seeing a lot of mosquitos and he's not going to wait for west nile to come to his city.

"I get bit a lot, I'm outside a lot." said Michael Shephard.

As the sun sets in the Texas sky the city of Howe is getting ready to go to war.

"As dry as it's been, mosquitos are still rampant, they're just out every night." said Mayor Jeff Stanley.

As the pest control trucks gear up to hit the streets and spray, many Howe citizens are feeling a bit relieved.

"Glad to see that we're taking a proactive approach, it's never too early to try to put a stop to some of this stuff." said Jimmy Gracy.

"Especially after hearing about the deaths and stuff, I feel like we should be able to prevent that from happening." Jennifer Vincent said.

After several deaths in Dallas County, and 2 confirmed cases of west nile virus in Grayson County, the mayor says he wasn't taking any chances when it comes to his city.

"Mosquitos are getting pretty bad in the area, and we are concerned for the citizens of the city." said Mayor Stanley.

And pest control services say they don't mind at all.

"We've been very busy, and yes the mosquito population has been very large this year." said Noble Resources Termite and Pest Control owner, Andy McAngus.

Visit the link below for tips on how to prevent the deadly west nile virus.