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Community Rallies to Help Family Who Lost Home


TISHOMINGO, OK -- Sierra Wallace was working hard to rebuild her life.

"It's been three years of rebuilding and making home feel like home and making sure the kids are where they need to be," Wallace said.

Then a fire in her home took everything she owned. But three weeks later, she still has her best friend.

"I didn't even know what to think. She's been my best friend and we're more like sisters," Ashlea Cobble said.

She also has her two sons and fiancee.

"I didn't lose everything, and them two are my everything. I'm ok as long as I have them," Wallace said.

But Ashlea knows there are many things her friend and the family will need.

"I'm just trying to organize it and get it all together so we can get them some monetary relief," said Cobble.

She is working to host a benefit lunch Sunday, August 5 at Calvary Baptist Church in Tishomingo.

"I just went into 'we've got to do something to help' mode as soon as I knew they were ok,"
Cobble said.

As she scrambled to plan the event, she says people rushed to help. Sunday's lunch will include a spaghetti plate with bread, dessert and a drink. There is no set price. The church just asks for any donation you can make to the family.

The community's generosity has not gone overlooked.

"It totally made this tragedy a blessing because people are so nice and there are so many other tragedies going on. I've heard of so many since mine, but people still remember mine and they're still willing to help," Wallace said.

Little by little, with the people who matter most, the family will start to rebuild...again.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please call Ashlea Cobble at 580-371-7015.