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Local businesses stock shelves for tax free weekend


ARDMORE, OK -- Local businesses stock their shelves in anticipation for tax free weekend.

During tax free weekend, clothing items under $100 can be purchased with out any  taxes by consumers. This doesn't include jewelry, sports equipment, or other accessories, but does cover shirts, pants, and shoes.

In Texas, school supplies and backpacks can also be bought without taxes. Oklahoma's 2012 tax free weekend is August third through fifth, while Texas's will be the seventeenth through the nineteenth.

Though any one can buy any clothes tax exempt, the idea originally had school children in mind, and according to businesses in Ardmore, they definitely make a majority of the participants.

"Most of the time it's kids back to school shopping, their parents bring them in to get them clothes they can wear to school, to switch from summer into the transition, things like that," said Hunter Nichols, an employee at The Rage, a clothing store in downtown Ardmore.