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Oklahoma Boy Dies After Contracting Amoeba from Red River


OKLAHOMA -- The death of a young boy, who died Tuesday morning, is being blamed on a bug he picked up swimming in Oklahoma waters.

According to Oklahoma State Health officials, two weekends ago, a nine year old boy from Bryan County was swimming in the Red River, near Carpenters Bluff. Shortly after playing in the water, he became ill. Now health officials have confirmed his death is due to an amoeba, also known as PAM.

Health officials say amoebas live in natural waters. They thrive in warm water and can feed on algae. Amoebas enter through your nasal passage and as a preventative measure, health officials are warning the public to plug their noses before entering lake waters. Also health officials advise you to avoid stagnant water and areas that appear to have high counts of algae.

An infection by an amoeba is extremely rare and health officials say only a few cases happen every year, nationwide.

For more information on preventing infection by an amoeba click this link http://www.ok.gov/health/Disease,_Prevention,_Preparedness/Acute_Disease_Service/Disease_Information/How_To_Guide_For_Summertime_Fun.html