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Ardmore body shop, cars burglarized


ARDMORE, OK -- The Southwest Collision Center and several cars were broken into Wednesday night, costing both the owner and customers.

Randy Cramer, the owner of Southwest Collision Center came into Thursday to find his six foot barbed wire fence damaged, and four cars with broken windows. Two car stereos were missing, totaling over one thousand dollars in damages.

"It appears that they cut the barbed wire and climbed the fence, climbed down some crates on the other side of the barbed wire," he said about his fence.

Ardmore Police Department is currently investigating, though they have no suspects at this time. Cramer says the damage could have been much worse had it not been for one car in particular.

"The Cadillac that we have out here that was locked up on the lot, it has an OnStar system, and the alarms activated on it. So when they knocked the window out of that particular car, it would have set the alarm off, and all the lights would flash," he said.

Though the customers whose cars were damaged will be responsible for paying for their car's damages or filing insurance charges, Cramer says that most of his customers weren't upset, especially since this isn't a common occurrence.

"We got a good customer base here. Ardmore's a good city. People are understanding that sometimes these things happen. This is the first time that we've ever been robbed of anything out of any of the cars since I've been in business, and I've been here thirty-four years," Cramer said.