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Austin college grad upgrades the student investment fund program


SHERMAN, TX - Despite the job market that continues to look bleak for so many graduates, one local grad has overcome the odds in a unique way.

A recent study of college graduates shows that half of America's new grads are jobless or underemployed.

Meaning even if they have a job of some sort,  they certainly aren't using the skills they learned in school.

But a recent Austin College graduate landed on the better half of that study, by scoring a job in his field with the college he just graduated from.

"Understanding how your research and your decisions impact real life, and that's what people are going to face when they graduate." said AC IT Director, Bill Edgette.

In a weak economy, Austin College says they're investing wisely, in their own students.

"Since I was graduating I was going to be needing a job anyway."

Recent graduate, Christopher Struble, says he knows this first hand.

"They believe in the students, and so it's nice to know that the school who I'm paying to provide an education, would be willing to pay me to provide the services that I've learned from them." said Struble.

Instead of outsourcing, the school recently opted to hire Struble to develop some very important software for the student investment fund program.

"The thing that meant the most to me is the fact that my faculty members trust at least the work that we can do." Struble said.

With a little guidance from the faculty, Struble created a new software to automatically update the ticker you see in the video.

"The problem was the news feed was not real time. We entered things periodically during the day, and of course financial transactions change rapidly." said Edgette.

What was once a tedious task of manual updates, can now be done automatically, and the school says creating their own software for this program will save a lot of money for years to come.

"Overall now we have software that we can change the news feeds and change the content of it without having to pay somebody because we didn't know anything about the software." Edgette said.