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Ardmore library ignites interest in model rockets

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ARDMORE, OK -- The Chickasaw Regional Public Library in Ardmore held a model rocket building class Friday afternoon.

Kids and parents worked together to build the rockets, with instruction from library staff. Then the rockets were customized to the kids' liking with paint pens and stickers.

"I put like, a little Army banner on it, and the name Saturn 5, and an American flag, and I put the nose red and a blue tip, and green stripes," said Jacob Heuvelink, one of the rocket builders.

The rockets will be launched Saturday morning around ten a.m. at the field across the street from the library. All the kids enjoyed building the rockets and learning about the science behind them, but they are most excited about getting to launch them into the air.

"You can invite your friends and family to come, and that's mostly what we're going to do. And you get to keep your rockets," said Blake Allmon.

Shawn Brown works at the library and helped to teach the workshop. She's loved model rockets since she was young, and hopes her affection will infect those in her class.

"We decided to do this because I've been a long time fan of rockets. I made my first one in the sixth grade and I've been making them ever since, and I'd like to pass that passion on to some of these children," she said.