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Crowds gather for more "Music on Main" in Denison

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DENISON, TX - Well although it was definitely another hot summer day, going into the evening plenty of people were still filling up heritage Park in Denison for some live entertainment.

As the sun started to set on Heritage Park in Denison Friday night, crowds gathered around to enjoy another night of live entertainment at music on main.

"I would think their songs because it really interests me, I really like it."

Rome Gracia and his grandpa Jim, made sure they got a front row seat to see the show.

"He really loves music, we go to all different festivals and stuff, he ask me to take him to see Bob Dylan when he was 4." said Jim Gassaway.

After living and breathing the music scene in Nashville, Tennessee for 9 years Zane Williams made his way back to Texas, where he says the heart of music really lives.

"Nashville is where they make country music and where they sell it, but Texas is where people buy it and love it and appreciate it." Williams said.

Williams says the best part about performing at Music on Main, is seeing all the families in the crowd.

"I love to see kind of the community taking place and I love to be a part of that and it just kind of reminds me about all of the best parts about life in a small town." said Williams.

A small town community gathering, where even man's best friend is welcome.