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Church Aims to Serve Community with Art Event


ARDMORE, OK-- Central Park in Ardmore is already filled with color. That's one of the reasons the Visual Arts Ministry at Christ Community Church thinks it will be a great setting for their first annual Kid's Art in the Park event.

"The Visual Arts Ministry- we've been looking for opportunities to sort of grow the audience and get it out there in the community and we believe it's really important to get children excited about the arts at an early age and this is a great way to do that," Traci Martin, part of the CCC Visual Arts ministry and co-coordinator of the event said.

Flyers for the event say the day is for kids of all ages. They're serious about that.

"You're never too young to start. That's why we wanted to have the options for the younger ones, just to introduce it. Yes they are very young, but you can always start introducing basic principles with them," fellow co-coordinator AnDina Wiley said.

The church hopes to have over 200 kids fill the park on Saturday, but they say this isn't a classical ministry event: it's about taking something often overlooked in standard education and keeping it important in their lives.

"Just establishing the audience and just reaching the kids- I think showing them that there's a place for arts in the church and in the community and just solidifying that experience is really important, I think, for them," Martin said.

From art projects and demonstrations to free food, there will be plenty for kids to do. Organizers are excited about seeing the results.

"We're looking forward to just seeing kids interact with art, seeing artists do their work and seeing what that process is," Wiley said.

Kids can be registered Saturday, June 23 before the event begins at 10 AM. Christ Community is hoping to push pint-sized Picassos to pursue a new passion.