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Unattended Child Attacked By Family Pet

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DENISON, TX -- Rori Springer came home from work this morning to screams outside of her home.

"I looked out the kitchen window, and I said that's a pit bull on top of a baby.  And he was crouched down like a little turtle."

Springer quickly went outside, and started screaming at the dog.  The dog walked away from the child, but then came back.

"And then the dog flipped him back over.  And started grabbing a hold of his head and with his ears and mouth."
Realizing the young child was unattended, springer did all she knew to do.  Banging on the walls and window of the child's home.  Trying to get someone to come outside.
"I'm screaming.  And nobody's coming out of the door.  So I went over to the house and started banging on the walls and the windows and somebody came out."
Springer realized the child was hurt.  Noticing blood and scratches, and quickly called police.
"But it had scratch marks and he stood up and had this bloody ear and his head was scratched up and a smear of blood right here."
When officers arrived.  They discovered the child was hurt. He was transported to Texoma Medical Center. 
"Upon responding, we found the child had sustained injuries from being unattended with the dog."
The child's mother, 24 year old Amanda Densel, was arrested on charges of abandoning and endangering a child.
The family says the whole situation has been blown out of proportion.  And the dog would never hurt their children.
"The only time that dog has ever been mean is when someone tried to get near the kids"