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Pregnant Gainesville Woman Found Dead In Home


GAINESVILLE, TX -- Police arrested a man after they say they found his pregnant girlfriend dead inside his house.

Police arrested Juan Rodriguez Olivas, 30, on Saturday, after discovering the woman's body inside his Truelove Street home.

A relative says the victim, Linda Barrett, 22, sometimes came to stay with her because Barrett's relationship with her boyfriend of one year was abusive, but that she loved him and would go back to him after a few days.

Collins says that within the past few months, Barrett learned she was pregnant. "Right from the beginning it was a rocky relationship and she tried, and when they found she was pregnant it was like everything was going to be okay. She was happy. She was excited about the baby," says Collins.

Collins says she went to check on her last Tuesday. "Just went over to see how she was doing, everything seemed to be fine and that was the last time I talked to her, the last time I saw her. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she loved me," says Collins.

Barrett's co-worker says she had worked at Arby's for two years but was leaving the job and did not show up for her last day on Wednesday. Restaurant employees tried to call her, but got no answer.

On Friday afternoon, police officers were called to Rodriguez's house. "They did enter the house and did discover a deceased white female," says Sgt. Bobby Balthrop.

Collins says her mother adopted Barrett as a baby, and she had a special bond with her sister. She was shocked when police told her Barrett's body may have been in the closet at the home for days.

"She just kept hoping it would get better, we all did, we begged her. She needed to get away from him because he was so abusive," says Collins.

Coworkers at Arby's on California Street are planning to hold a car wash on Tuesday afternoon to raise money for her funeral. Rodriguez, a waiter at his parents' restaurant Los Mariachis, is being held in the Cooke County Jail while awaiting trial in lieu of $1 million bond.