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Madill Revises Failed School Bond


MADILL, OK -- Voters said no in February, but Madill Public Schools is trying to pass a new bond. This time around, the superintendent thinks all the bases are covered.

"We think this covers the need for growth as well as the need for security," said Jon Tuck

Growth and security come at a price in any school district. This summer in Madill, the price is just under $23 Million.

When the less expensive bond was turned down earlier in the year, Tuck looked to the public to find out why so he knew what to ask for the next time around.

"We've listened to what the community has said and we added more classrooms and we also think it's important to put safe rooms in as well," Tuck said.

The safe rooms would protect students in the event of a tornado. Other considerations include an activities center and an agricultural and vocational studies building. The hope is to round out students' education and provide for an overall need.

"We're a growing school district and we need facilities. We need a lot of facilities."

At Madill the student population has risen steadily over the years, so the district says it wants to be prepared for the future. In the future, construction costs are expected to be more than fifty percent more than 2012, so Tuck says he wants to stay ahead of the curve.

"We need it. We need facilities. We need to start moving forward. Our school population is growing. We need to grow with it," he said.

In addition to new buildings, students could also be looking at a new schedule. Tuck said they would like to go to an eight period day to allow for more electives.

The availability of those electives depends on the availability of space, so the district is hoping voters will have a change of heart on August 28.