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Dogs shot and killed by Ardmore Police


ARDMORE, OK -- Two pitbulls were shot and killed by Ardmore Police Thursday night around six PM.

Ardmore Police responded to a call about two dogs fighting in the street. When the officer showed up to investigate the situation, things turned ugly. Ardmore Police says they had to shoot and kill the two dogs in self defense.

"When the officer got there, trying to determine who saw the dogs, tried to determine who they belonged to, he was attacked by the dogs, bitten once. He was able to shoot one dog, to defend himself. Then in the process of trying to apprehend the other dog, we had to shoot it as well," Sergeant Ryan Hunnicut of the Ardmore Police said.

The first dog was killed in the intersection of NW H and Eighth streets, and then police chased the second dog down H street to Chris Rahhal's house, when they put it down as well.

"And I heard a gunshot, and I looked out my window and saw a police officer in my car port aiming his gun, and apparently, he had shot the dog a couple times. I heard another gunshot; I guess he chased him around the side of my house," Rahhal said.

After the dog had been critically wounded, animal control finally showed up to take the dog away. Ardmore police says they would only shoot dogs in worst case scenarios, but that officers must also protect themselves from danger.