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Former Jacket and Bearcat players getting ready for 2nd Annual Battle of the Axe Alumni Game

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DENISON, TX --- The Battle of the Axe, a tradition so contagious that some alumni decades removed from the rivalry will go head to head Saturday at Munson Field.

A rivalry more than a century old joins a tradition just in it's second year.

Alumni from Sherman and Denison High Schools are dusting off their cleats and getting ready to bang helmets Saturday night.

"It's the biggest rivalry in Texas, it's 100 years old. Nothing better," said Sherman High Class of 1991 graduate Kevin Andrews. 

Former collegiate and even professional players will take the field, and immediately when they're under the lights they feel like bright eyed teens.

"As soon as you step on the field and you put your equipment on, you walk into that stadium, it's just like a time capsule, you just go back in time. It's just really neat," Denison High School Class of 1996 Gary Banks said. 

"It's kind of like a dream. It's like, 'is this really real', because once you graduate high school it's like, you know, you'll never do this again, you'll never get to play Denison again in anything, but you get to do it again, it's just like, 'hey, another chance? let's go,'" added Andrews. 

There will be big hits and smack talk, but it's all just part of the game.

"It's not really bad blood, it's kind of like playing your brother. You never want to lose to your brother, ever," Andrews said. 

7:30 Saturday at Munson Stadium the rivalry will be relived by graduates all the way to 41-years-old. 

"It's huge. I mean, it's one of the, if not the, hugest rivalry in the state of Texas. It's always a test every year no matter what sport it is -- basketball, baseball -- it's always intense," Denison High School Class of 2003 graduate Brandon Fulton said.