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Justin Blackmon's Ardmore Friends Celebrate His No. 5 Selection

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ARDMORE, OK -- The city of Ardmore was buzzing from the news of their hometown boy getting drafted in the top 5.

He still has a lot of old friends and supporters back home.  Several gathered at the house he lived in his last two years of high school to wait for Commissioner Goodell to call his name.

Garrett Moore and Kevin Warner grew up with Justin Blackmon.  They all went to Plainview High School and then headed up to Stillwater to attend Oklahoma State together.

"I mean that's my brother from another mother, you know I mean.  We don't have the same last name, but that's my brother it's really cool," Moore said.

Blackmon moved in with the Moore's during his junior year in high school.  And when his name was called with the fifth pick, the Moore household went nuts.

"Crazy, it hasn't really set in yet, but um, it's a great feeling, I like where he went," Moore explained.

Blackmon's childhood buddies are still his best friends.  And all the glitz and glamour that have come with being a two-time Billetnikoff winner have not changed their friendships at all.

"He's just a normal guy.  He just likes to keep to himself, not be one of those guys that likes to be the center of attention," Warner described, "He's laid back, likes to chill, hang out, just be one of the dudes."

In fact, they say he hasn't changed a bit.

"I still see him as that little guy he was back then, now he's just a little more bulked up. But he's still the same Justin he was back in eighth grade when I met him," Moore stated.

Now it's off to Jacksonville to showcase his talent on Sundays for the Jaguars, but he'll always represent Texoma.

"He'll make plays just like in high school and just like in college, he'll make plays," Moore said.

Moore added Blackmon was just as surprised to be taken by Jacksonville at number five, while he expected to be taken by St. Louis at number six.