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Former Denison basketball star making noise at Paris Junior College

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PARIS, TX -- Remember this kid? Two years ago T. J. Taylor was lighting up Texas gyms taking Denison to the second-round of the playoffs, scoring more than 2,600 career points and becoming an ESPN Top 100 college recruit.

So where's he been?

After singing with O-U and leaving December his freshman year, Taylor wasn't ready to put the ball back on the rack.

"I had what you'd call a set back, now I just want a major comeback," Taylor said. 

He's made a come back indeed earning first team all-conference and all-region honors while leading the Paris Junior College Dragons to a regular season conference championship this season.

"Well he's left a tremendous mark here. Any time that you can leave Paris Junior College and be one of the great ones, we have a great tradition here and he's added to the tradition line that came through here," head coach Chuck Taylor said. 

Now T. J. will take his talents and three years of eligibility north to Marquette University to play for Van Alstyne native Buzz Williams.

His goal? "I just want to reach my maximum potential and be known as one of the greats to play there," he  said. 

Well if he does reach his pinnacle his coach is certain he'll be one of those greats, "I think T. J. will be an All-Big East performer, I think he has an opportunity to be Big East player of the year in three years, I really believe that."

You know who else was a Player of the Year at Marquette? Dwyane Wade for the Conference USA, who's T. J.'s favorite player.