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Durant girls basketball charging toward State Tournament

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DURANT, OK -- It's been an incredible season for the Durant Lady Lions and right now their stock couldn't be any higher as they charge their way toward the State Tournament.

Basketball fans if you're ready to jump on a bandwagon there is a group of dedicated young women in Durant ready to put the region on their backs and shock the state.

"I think all of us would give every ounce of energy that we have. Every play is going to be ours on Thursday and we're going to give it our best shot," said senior forward Kaylie Baxter.

When all ten of the Durant Lady Lions met at the beginning of the year one goal was echoed by all, "each one of those girls said they wanted to make it to the state tournament," said second-year head coach Chad Rumer.

They'll get their shot Thursday evening as they meet up with number one ranked Shawnee, but don't you dare sleep on the Lions.

"They haven't played a team like us, and most importantly, they haven't played us. Like I said, in the playoffs it's any one's game," said Baxter.

Six of the ten Lady Lions are experienced, battle tested seniors that have played together since they could dribble.

Their leadership keeps this team on track.

"We go in the locker room and tell them that we don't have anything to lose and we just go out there and play like it's just another game," said senior forward Sierra Moore.

But that's not what makes this team so special.

"The thing that's great about them is this, when it's time to play, they're down to business and they play. But as soon as that buzzer goes off or practice is over, it's probably one of the goofiest silliest teams that I've been around, which is fine with me. You work hard and you play hard," Rumer said about his team.

They just have to win one of their next two and they are in the coveted State Tournament.

But no matter what, win or lose, when the final buzzer of the season goes off these girls will forever be beacons of what it means to be a team.