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The Big Reveal!! Now We're Challenging You!


We made it! After 12 weeks of hard work, changing our diets and changing our lifestyles, Kris Hair and I have wrapped up KTEN's Texoma's Biggest Loser Challenge.

The final weigh in: I lost just over 10 pounds (my scale at home said almost 15) and 7% body fat.

I'm proud, I'm happy -- I'm down two sizes!!  What I lost in fat I put on in muscle and tone and I feel great! I'm so thankful to my trainers Jeff and Jami Miller at The Fitness Professionals in Ardmore

I could not have done this without their knowledge, teaching me how to live healthy. I also Love LOVE LOVE the ladies in my class always encouraging me and pushing me to work harder.

I'm not done yet. I'm joining TFP's Fitness Challenge that starts in a couple of weeks. Deadline to register is this Thursday. Join me!!! just go to their web site for details

This has just been an amazing experience. Life Changing experience. Lets keep it going. Texoma we're now challenging you to do the same.

We'll continue our special reports with our trainers.. giving you tips.. and guidelines to get you moving and healthy in the new year.

If you have questions you want answered just email us at

Here's to a new year and a new .. all of us ;)