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Country Christmas decoration ideas

Updated: Dec 20, 2011 03:26 PM EST
Little touches go a long way when it comes to building a country Christmas atmosphere. (©iStockphoto/Thinkstock) Little touches go a long way when it comes to building a country Christmas atmosphere. (©iStockphoto/Thinkstock)

By Roberta Pescow

If you long for the warmth and simplicity Christmastime brought during our rural history, create your own old fashioned, country Christmas with some simple decorating touches.

County Christmas Trees

Traditional Christmas trees didn't involve flashy light shows and lots of glitz and glitter. People used what they had to make the holiday tree beautiful. For a country style Christmas tree, try decorating with:

Natural Pine trees: Nothing comes close to the country feel and fragrance of an authentic pine tree in your home.

Simple homemade ornaments: Get your kids in on the fun and create your own one-of-a-kind ornaments from wood, paper, clay or anything else you have around the house. Knit or crocheted ornaments are perfect for a country setting. Design your ornaments around traditional Christmas themes, or to reflect the hobbies and interests of family members.

Bird ornaments: Ornaments displaying woodland birds such as cardinals, robins or sparrows bring a feeling of being out in the country woods.

Old-fashioned angel: Top your Christmas tree with an antique porcelain angel doll.

Popcorn garlands: Instead of all that flashy tinsel, string popcorn kernels on thread and drape around your tree.

Natural cotton bows: Buy or make bows from natural cotton ribbons and arrange them on your tree.

Wooden or antique metal ornaments: Natural materials such as aged wood or antique metal enhance that homey country feel. You can even make your own country ornaments by tying pretty ribbon around antique keys or old wooden toys.

Country picket fence: Instead of a department store tree skirt, surround your tree with a small, white picket fence.

Candlelight is beautiful on an old fashioned tree; however, it can pose a fire hazard. To safely achieve the candlelight effect, try battery operated lights that look like candles.

Country Christmas Materials

If you've got ultra modern furnishings, creating a country Christmas atmosphere can be a bit challenging. To get your home ready for a country Christmas:

Incorporate natural fabrics, such as cotton, corduroy or wool where you can. Consider covering surfaces that would clash with your country theme by using tablecloths, throws and slipcovers.

Choose country Christmas colors rather than intense bright shades. Faded reds and greens are ideal for a country atmosphere, as are farm prints and flannel plaids.

Soften the modern, angular look of window shades or blinds by adding natural cotton curtains in muted reds and greens.

Wreaths and Garlands

Wreaths and garlands allow you to truly "deck the halls" of your home in country style. Wind garlands around your banisters, drape your mantle or accent your furniture. Wreaths work well on walls, windows and doors. For an atmosphere of simple country celebration, stick with natural materials such as:

- Holly
- Red berries
- Pinecones
- Unshelled nuts 
- Pine or other evergreen branches and boughs
- Dried and faux winter fruits such as apples and pears.

Christmas Stockings

Country Christmas stockings add a nostalgic, homey feel to your Christmas décor. Embroidering the names of family members on each stocking is a great touch, if you can manage it. Stick with natural, traditional fabrics for your stockings such as cotton, flannel or wool knits, and muted Christmas shades.

Country Christmas Accents

Little touches go a long way when it comes to building a country Christmas atmosphere. Here are a few accents and decorations you may want to include in your design:

- Antique metal candleholders or nutcrackers
- Scented pinecones
- Snowman rag doll
- Holiday floral arrangements with poinsettia, amaryllis or Christmas rose
- Faux birds' nests and eggs
- Old fashioned figurines of Santa, reindeer, elves or snowmen
- Wood cut out Christmas village or nativity scene
- Paper stars
- Christmas table runner and place settings.
- Gingerbread houses
- Rustic wooden signs and plaques
- Bowl of unshelled nuts 
- Traditional Christmas music
- Scented candles, essential oils or room sprays in cinnamon, pine, orange, bayberry or peppermint.

Your Country Christmas Yard or Terrace

Immerse yourself in that old-fashioned country Christmas feeling by extending your theme decorating to include your yard, patio or balcony. You may want to try:

- Decorating old sleds or wheelbarrows with garlands or white Christmas lights

- Crafting wooden Christmas tree silhouettes from fence posts

- Building an old bucket Santa or snowman

- Wrapping pine garlands around your porch railings or support columns

- Tying homemade, red bows around railings, columns, shrubs and trees.

- Hanging a wreath on your front door.

- Displaying old-fashioned lanterns along outdoor pathways.

- Hanging children's ice skates decorated with pine or berries from railings.

- Adorning your mailbox with red bows, winter foliage, candy canes, pinecones and berries.

With the right touches, you can create an old fashioned country Christmas even in the middle of a big city.

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