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Skinny Black Jeans... oh yea!


I went shopping tonight for the first time since we started Texoma's Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm down two jean sizes!!

Tonight's 'big reveal" as they say.... I'm down 11 1/2 pounds and lost 4 percent body fat in 9 weeks.  My trainer, Jami Miller says that's good. She says the body fat tells her more about my progress than the pounds. It's true. I may never get back down to 120 pounds, but I'm getting closer to those skinny jeans hanging in my closet from a few years ago. I have toned and slimmed. Remember... muscle weighs more than fat. And when I was just 120 pounds and in the size 4 -- I had NO muscle.

Congratulations to my partner in this Kris -- he's down 40 pounds and 6 percent body fat. That's AMAZING!  (just for my own peace of mind see previous posts on the difference in men and women in weight lost... lol!)

Tip of the week: Yes! Go ahead and walk/run/play outside when it's cold! The colder temperatures cause your body to work harder to stay warm -- so you're getting more out of your workout when it's cold.

Just three more weeks to go folks! I think we wrap this up on January 3rd. Then, stay tuned for other big fitness, get healthy type fun.