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Man Dies Shortly After Getting Arrested


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX--Authorities are investigating how a young man died shortly after he was arrested.

According to the Grayson County Sheriff's Office, 25-year-old Eric Del Hand of Denison was taken into the county jail Wednesday evening after he was arrested by Denison Police.

Hand had two outstanding warrants for theft and driving with an invalid license. While being booked, medical staff noticed hand was sweating profusely. Hand said he was diabetic, and not under the influence of any narcotic.

"He broke out into a sweat, was not feeling good. One of our nurses that was on call at the jail came up, checked him out, gave him some juice and crackers," Grayson County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Rickey Wheeler said. "That did not seem to help him at the time. He was transported to the hospital."

While at TMC, hand reportedly refused treatment. According to the sheriff's office, he told a corrections officer that he swallowed hydro weed, a form of marijuana that is sometimes smoked in formaldehyde. 

It will be a couple of months before the Dallas County Medical Examiner has a complete autopsy. Authorities are still looking into what caused his death.