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A Busy Week

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Lets just say this week was challenging. I worked a completely different shift which threw my whole routine out of whack. I still tried to stick to my diet, but it wasn't perfect. I tossed in a few more Subway sandwiches than I should have. And then there was the trip to one of my favorite restaurants after the Ardmore Christmas Parade Tuesday night --- learned the hard way that going back to eating like I use to was not a good idea. I was so sick the next day I thought I was going to die. That must be a good thing though. I guess I finally got all the chemicals, and junk out of my system. Trust me, I won't do that again LOL!

Today (Friday) was the first day I'd been in the gym since the day before Thanksgiving. It was like starting all over again. The work out was tough, but I also pushed hard to try and make up missed ground. I'm already sore again ;)

That's the reality of this Texoma's Biggest Loser Challenge though. We're doing like real life, not life on the ranch. Real challenges, schedules, things we all face with work and now all the holiday events. Next week will probably mess with my routine again. More Christmas parades and live shots for our Feeding Families Food drive means I'll work crazy hours again. But, just like we've said before: if you miss a work out or blow the diet just get right back on track the next day.

Have a great weekend everyone. We plan to weigh in and check body fat next week. Next week starts week 9 of 12 so we'll see how close we are to reaching our goals. Tune in next Tuesday for the results!