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Week 7 Results & Full Body Work Outs

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I am officially three notches down on my waist.  Tonight, I put on a brown jacket that a few weeks ago I could barely buckle the belt. Tonight, I'm down to the third notch. More proof that a healthy diet and full body work outs will help you lose fat.

I may only be down about ten pounds but I can see the difference in my clothes. Actually, it's time to go shopping :))

Here's how you do it: No fast food. No sodas. No salt. Do eat more protein than anything else with healthy fruits and veggies. Cut the carbs to healthy carbs and fiber. And learn the right way to  work out.

I honestly gave up a long time ago of ever getting back into my skinny jeans. Those skinny jeans from 9 years ago were a size 4. Most of my suits  and skirts were size 2. After I put on the weight I thought I knew how to lose it but I really didn't. It took a trainer and a guidance with a healthy diet to teach me how to be healthy. I thought I just needed to lose my belly fat. I needed to lose everything fat!! Fat that I put on by living on 4 or 5 hours sleep at night. I was drinking sodas YES DIET and energy drinks and chips and salsa and frozen pizza and wine. Now, I've learned that once you get to your goal you can have those things... but in moderation. What you must do is exercise more.

Folks, if I can do this -- anyone can do this. I hate to work out. I love to eat. But, I AM doing this. And I actually kind of like myself again.

So, my challenge to you is to take the steps, make a change, and get your life back.

For more information on the work out regimen that's working for me check out The Fitness Professionals on Main Street in Ardmore.


I won't lie. It's not easy. I have to force myself to work out and eat right. But, it's worth it.