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9-Year-Old Whitewright Girl Makes A Difference With Epilepsy

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WHITEWRIGHT, TX-- Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that effects people world wide. One elementary student from whitewright has over 100 seizures every day. But instead of thinking of herself, She puts others first for the fight against epilepsy. 

9-year-old, Elizabeth Myers, was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 4. One of her favorite things to do? Draw. Besides drawing, Elizabeth wants to educate people on seizures. November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.

That's why she decided to start selling bracelets that say "get seizure smart"

"You need to know that seizures are real and they're out there and some people have them . Because one kid made fun of me at school," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth's mom said she has turned $50 into $200 and that amount is still growing.

"We've almost sold all of the bracelets and we've ordered more. So she's just going to keep going all month. And do everything she can to spread awareness and try to raise money to help with research," Angela Myers said.  

100% of the proceeds will directly go to the Epilepsy Foundation.

So this holiday season, while other kids are making their Christmas lists, Elizabeth is not only thinking of herself, but of millions of others just like her. 

"I wanted to help other people and the people who researched it, I wanted to let them research more and give us more medicine," Elizabeth said.


  • Elizabeth is the youngest of 8 children.
  • She loves horses and calves.
  • Her cousin also has Epilepsy.

Ways to help her cause, visit this web site: http://epilepsyfoundation.org/

Kylie Dixon, KTEN News