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Preparing For The Holidays


Didn't lose any weight this week...  Tammie says that I'm probably building muscle, and she's not surprised, as fat weighs more.  I've had progress, however, because I'm on my last pair of jeans that fit, and I haven't wore them in two years.  I'm almost out of blue jeans!

It's a week away...  One of my most favorite days of the year (Next to Christmas and the 4th of July).  And this year, I'm on a dreaded diet.  *Sigh*  But, my trainer Tammie says that I don't have anything to worry about.  It's all about preparation, and how you ready yourself before and how you recover after the big day.  This week, and next week going into it, my calories are slimmed down, and I'm working harder than I ever have before.

But I get to EAT on Thanksgiving, and it's all about portion control, and not overeating, but enjoying the day.  Think about it this way:  A hamburger and fries from the local fast food joint is going to net you 1500+ calories in one sitting.  So in actuality, if you consider portion control and not putting one food on your plate larger than your fist, you're actually ok.  It isn't going to be any worse than that hamburger and fries.  Then... you just have to be prepared to work it off.  I hear there's a big annual spin class at Nautilus on the Friday after, and I'm sure I'll be there ready to see how far along I can go.

So I'm ready.  The rule of thumb is not to expect to lose weight that week, but if you don't gain any weight, it should be considered a success.  So, count me in...  Game on!

Until next time...