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Low Lake Levels Allow for Easy "Trash" Pickup


LAKE TEXOMA--Since the drought, buildings, debris and even entire towns have been discovered under Lake Texoma's surface...but there's something else that's been lurking under the water. Junk. Low lake levels have helped marina owners pick up the mess.

Because of the drought, most of it's too shallow to dive in...

"We're about 8 feet below normal for this time of year," BJ Parkey said, Assistant Project Manager of Lake Texoma. 

...but just the right depth to pick up trash.

"The lower lake elevation that we have right now is the opportunity for boats and for us to do some shoreline cleanup," Parkey said. 

...and there's a lot to toss out. Grandpappy Point Marina in Denison has been cleaning since Labor Day. Now, they're almost done.

"We've discovered stuff like that as the lakes come up and down, and we knew there were things there, but this has been our first opportunity to actually see them first hand and have a chance to remove the debris and these things from the lake," Jason Cottingame said, Grandpappy Point General Manager.

With the lake at its lowest level since the 1970s, marina and park owners can now see what visitors have left behind.

"Texoma is a big lake. 580 miles of shoreline. So, there's a lot of shoreline that has debris on it has trash on it," Parkey said.

The biggest trash heaps were actually piles of tires discovered along the shoreline. The receding waters have exposed the rubber wheels, which were once used as wave breakers for former boathouses and marinas.

"You can go right to them and just do it by hand or use a lift to pull the stuff out of the water," Cottingame said.

Despite recent rainfall, the corps says there's no telling how long the water level will remain low. It could take anywhere from several weeks to a year for the lake to fill up again.

"We're on mother nature's clock," Parkey said.

Hopefully it's enough time for some lakeside spring cleaning.