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Racing, Storm Chasing, and Staying Healthy...

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Missed a few days on my blog... been busy over the weekend and yesterday.

Spent the weekend on the road at the Texas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR races and a big storm chase trip out to SW Oklahoma yesterday...  This was my biggest challenge yet...

Surprisingly, I did very well, and found way to make my lifestyle changes work.  I did have my favorite frosty beverage at the races, but only in moderation... the rest of the time, it was water, except for one diet coke... And I found that a smoked turkey leg had only 135 calories in it.  And... If you peel the skin off, you take in less fat from it!!  Otherwise, I stuck with a turkey sandwich and a good Chicken plate for dinner with some vegetables.  Overall, I was proud of what I did.

Wasn't able to do a lot of cardio while at the track, but I kind of figured all of the walking you do around that place probably made up for most of it.  I did weigh myself before I left and after I left, and found that I didn't gain any weight...  So that is a success.

Monday led in to a pretty volatile pattern for SW Oklahoma, so the Tahoe was geared up and I headed out west!!!  This took a little planning as my past meals on storm chase days consisted of Red Bull, beef jerky, and assorted (for more or less) junk.  I carried some grilled chicken with me, and smoked almonds, and carried a lot of water, and did GREAT!  That was a big accomplishment for me... And I couldn't be more happy with my progress.

All in all, this change is working out great!  And after 4 weeks in...  I think I can get where I want to be!

Until next time...