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Baggie Britches And A Little Soap Box

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My britches are baggie!!! Yes, I said BRITCHES! I'm from Texoma ya know :) After four weeks of the Biggest Loser Challenge here are my numbers.

Only 6 pounds lost. BUT, I'm down 2% on the body mass index. What does that mean? I've lost two percent of my body fat and in place, I've gained muscle. That's a good thing. My trainer, Jami, with The Fitness Professionals in Ardmore says she usually sees that kind of result in 6 weeks. I've done it in 4 weeks! With eight weeks to go, she says I should hit my goal of losing 6% body fat total. And yes, the "fat pounds" will fall off even more.

Tonight at ten she talks about how building muscle helps burn calories longer than just doing cardio. She'll also "weigh in" on the difference in how Kris is losing weight/fat and how I'm losing weight/fat. It's the Battle of the Sexes Weight Loss on kten news at ten.

For more information on The Fitness Professionals in Ardmore go to

Quick Soap Box: I am sticking to my diet for the most part -- just made a few adjustments.

Reality is, where you live can impact how you eat. Ezekiel Bread, for example... I can ONLY find it at Homeland in Ardmore (in the freezer section).. not at any other grocery stores, even in other towns. Frustrating. And when I look around -- all I see is Bar-B-Que, Mexican Food, Fried Fish and Burgers. It should be required by every single town/city in Texoma to have a healthy eating establishment for folks who are on the go!!!  No wonder we're all fat and eating ourselves to death.  

There.... that's as nicely as I can say that right now :))

Here's to happy HEALTHY eating and exercising!