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More Motivation

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I got some good news at the gym today.. NO.. I won't share it with you until Tuesday night at 10!!! But, trust me.. it's given me more motivation to get healthy.

Lesson learned: strength training helps you burn calories longer than just doing cardio, because strength training helps build more muscle which burns more calories. So, do your pushups and lunges along with your crunches and walking/running.

I spent my hour at the gym this morning and tonight I had some time so I went back and alternated the treadmill and elliptical for about 50 minutes. I'm sure I'll be hurting tomorrow but it will be worth it. :))

Seriously, tune in next Tuesday for KTEN News at 10 for some great insight on what it really takes to get healthy and the update on how much we've lost -- both pounds and body fat.

Have a good weekend, and squeeze in a work out!!!