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Tomorrow Is A Big Day

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I'm ready to weigh in and check my body mass index (BMI)!!! 

Tomorrow wraps up the first four weeks of our Biggest Loser Challenge and Jami says it's time to check in and see how I'm doing. I'm nervous about this, because I don't think I'm seeing results as fast as I should. The pounds are not falling off. I do, however, feel different in my clothes and with all the working out, my legs and hips seem to be firmer... LOL.. yes my rear end too :)

I heard on the radio today, someone talking about results being different for everyone depending on age and where you start. As we get older, it doesn't just fall off as quickly. So, we'll see tomorrow.

Next Tuesday on KTEN News at Ten we'll talk more about the battle of the sexes when it comes to weight loss. I know Kris is seeing more results than I am, but everyone tells me that's normal.

Oh.. report tonight on KTEN News at Five: The more we sit and don't move the higher our risk for breast cancer and colon cancer. SO... get moving!! I did squeeze in 20 minutes tonight at the gym.. ten on the eliptical and ten on the treadmill. Better than nothing!! :))