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Heading into a tough weekend

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Friday nights are always tough around here, and somehow, I've managed to make it work!  I've grabbed a healthy sandwich at Subway, and didn't feel the need for pizza.  However, I'm facing my toughest weekend yet.  A long weekend at Texas Motor Speedway!

My trainer Tammie says that I just have to be as good as I possibly can and make the right choices with what I eat.  Should be fine... I can probably pull that off.  The biggest problem...  My favorite adult beverages!!!  I think I can pull it off though, as moderation is key as with anything else.  It will be interesting to report on Monday on how I did.  Tammie tells me the biggest thing is even if you do fall off of the wagon, to start back ASAP.  One time wont kill you... but if you let the bad habits back in, is when you stay off of that wagon.

On a good note, tomorrow is the first true weigh-in and measurement.  Lisanne and I both will announce how much BMI (Body mass index) we've lost.  I know it has to be quite a bit...  I can really tell it now in the way clothes fit, and I can see it when I'm on air.

Enough rambling for now...  I must prepare for the weekend!!!