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Saving Money and Losing Inches

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We always say, "I can't buy healthy food, it's too expensive."  .. Now I say Bull!

Going on four weeks now with the Biggest Loser Challenge and I'm saving money. Granted I'm still just eating a lot of boiled eggs, apples, pears, chicken (because I can't choke down tuna) and my protein shakes... but I'm saving money because I'm not eating out!

I did have to eat something different tonight, I couldn't choke down another egg. I went to Subway and got a club on wheat, lots of veggies.. but that's the first time I've eaten out in four weeks. :)

I talked a little about making time for yourself and really taking care of yourself earlier today on my KTEN fan page!/pages/Lisanne-Anderson-KTEN-News/170968699609617

check it out. especially ladies who tend to not take care of yourselves... ;)

more tips and notes tomorrow... oh.. anyone have a wheel chair I can borrow?  My legs are KILLING ME!!