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Week 4: Seeing Results

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For some reason Tuesdays are always a down day for me, I feel fat. But, I got an unexpected boost today. A jacket I wore last winter -- WAS TOO BIG!! Thank goodness I keep a stash of clothes at work so I switched to a smaller jacket :)

I seriously am not losing pounds. I'm only down 6 pounds in three and a half weeks. I am, however, losing inches. I can feel it. I can see it in my clothes and that feels good. That helped get me through the slump today and give me motivation to push through and keep going.

We've posted more tips on our web site for surviving the holidays and the importance of both cardio and strength training in your workouts.

Tuesday is my "off" day from the gym, but to get a little extra boost tonight I called up my friend Jimmy at Denison Nautilus and I actually took a dinner break tonight. Not a grab a bite at my desk or sip a protein shake while I produced the ten. I actually left the building and hit the tread mill. I am so sore I look like a 90 year old woman walking around.. but I feel good.

Here's my challenge to Texoma for the next 8 weeks.. just start walking. If you can't go to a gym and get a trainer, just walk....  at least 30 to 45 minutes a day and you WILL see a difference and you WILL feel so much better.

For more info on my trainer, Jami The Fitness Professional,  go to www.getTFPfit.com