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Friday Nights, Jeans, Weekend Goals

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Friday nights are a challenge for dieters at  KTEN because of Friday Night Football and lots of pizza in the newsroom.

I was good all week so,  I let  myself indulge with two small squares of thin crust veggie pizza.... BAD IDEA!!  Seriously, within 30 minutes I could feel my fingers swelling.  Lesson learned -- no more pizza and AVOID SALT at all costs.

Good news though, my clothes are starting to fit better.

I have two pair of jeans that my sister-in-law (Nicole Holt) gave me a few years ago... I popped the button off one pair.. yea really....    And the other I couldn't sit down in.  Tonight,  I'm sitting and I'm able to breath at the same time .. lol!  That's incentive enough to keep going with this challenge. (and maybe she'll give me more of her skinny clothes.. hint hint.. )

Goal this weekend: stick to the diet and make time for at least 30 minutes of cardio (probably walking) both Saturday and Sunday.

And congratulations to my partner in crime Kris Hair! Check out his blog!

Here's to the weekend...