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Texoma Spirits: "McWethy House" Part I

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CENTRAHOMA, OK -- In the heart of Oklahoma between Ada and Coalgate you'll find a small town known as Centrahoma.

It's a quaint community with a scattering of small houses and trailers. This town was also known as "Little Dixie" because of its strong Confederate connection during the Civil War. For over thirty years this small mark on an Oklahoma map has been subject to what some people would call paranormal activity.

Welcome to the McWethy House. For over 30 years, this house has been home to some of the most documented cases of paranormal activity in all of Oklahoma.   The curiosity got the best of us, we decided to bring our crews up to find out what's going on.  

Here's a little history of the house. "Three months ago, I heard heavy walking and it scared me", Maxine McWethy.

"We had a swimming pool and rocks started hitting in it, we thought kids were doing it. It was kind of scary...But they were small... I was in the kitchen one night and a rock came and hit the table in slow motion... Put fingernail polish on pennies and he'd throw em back. Can't deny what you see or hear. I've seen too much, heard too much." Brenda Bell, Maxine's daughter.

On Friday, we'll take you inside the McWethy House, and with the help of the professionals at Texoma G. H. O. S. T. we'll try to get to the bottom of what's really happening here.

Is this something that can be scientifically explained or is this really an actual case of the unexplained?

In Centrahoma, OK, Kris Hair, KTEN News