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Blame it On The Rain

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I know we need the rain, but this weather is not good for keeping me moving and motivated.  Just don't feel good today. Blah.. tired...  Honestly, I feel fat today. So, after my morning spin on my stationary bike... I called up my friend Tara at Ardmore Massage Company and tried to relax a little.... YEA RIGHT!!!!  

It was almost comical. I've become so use to being sore, that I didn't realize I was STILL sore! Man!!!    But, it was just what I needed and it reinforced what Trainers Jami and Jeff told me on day one -- after a work out you have to roll out those muscles. (By the way, thanks Tara. I do feel so much better now.)

Here's a cool trick they use at TFP in Ardmore... it's called Foam Roller Exercises.

As for just feeling blah and fat today --- doesn't everyone have "one of those days" every now and then? ;) Best cure for that? GET UP AND GET MOVING!!! ... ok maybe later :)