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Week 3 - The Weigh In

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I haven't lost quite as much as I hoped I would. Officially down 6 pounds.....

Yes, I'm still sticking to me strict diet (see previous blog from last week). I did, however, cheat quite a bit on Saturday night. But, trust me, the Boot Scootin' Ball was worth it ;) And yes, an important rule : NO BOOZE... the carbs, sugar, sodium... ugh.. the wine totally blew it for me.

I am, however, back on track this week, working out and getting used to lack of food in the evenings. Tune in tonight (Tuesday) for KTEN News at Ten and hear from my trainer, Jami Miller, The Fitness Professionals in Ardmore. She will explain why it's good to stick with more protein than carbs in the evening. You'll also learn why that late night snack with all those carbs help you fall asleep at night, but why it's a BAD BAD thing for a healthy diet.

Jami gave some really good "real life" nutrition facts that I haven't heard of. .. SO... when I figure out how to post video on this thing -- I'll share more of that interview.

I'll let ya know!

For now.. it's just keepin' on keepin' on

oh yea.. my jeans did fit A LOT better this past weekend ;)