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Home Grown Bullying Program Begins at Sherman High School


SHERMAN,TX--It's a hot topic in the media, with politicians and in schools across the country.
Bullying is more apparent than ever before, and one student at Sherman High School decided to fight it head on.

Dani Jarvis and her teacher Symantha Murray got together to organize a program to combat the bullying at their school.

Students like Dani have seen plenty of bullying in and out of school.Dani Jarvis, 3D Organizer."I have seen a lot of verbal bullying, a lot of name calling and the kind of secluding a person because of what they are wearing or their economic status or just anything like that."

The program called 3D stands for Decide,Define and Deliver. Decide who your friends are, define your actions and deliver what you take away from the program.

Students seem receptive to the program.

Haleigh Cooper, Student,"I think they're really responsive, kids are excited about it and ask if they're participants and if they are, they're excited. I haven't ever really heard any negative reactions to it. "

Even faculty have noticed that this program stands out beyond others that they've seen.

Principal Peggy VanMarter," They do a crossing the line activity that is one of the most impactful activities that I've  ever seen kids participate in."

That's just one activity out of many, within the program that was created for teens by teens.

The program will be held for one week at Sherman High School and is free to all teens attending.