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10-20 HUNGRY!

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So... I've hit this point where I'm hungry... CONSTANTLY!  I'm sticking with the caloric intake that I'm supposed to (around 1500 calories) and hope it passes.  I'm sure it will

Workouts are much easier this week, and I feel better after them.  I'm still sleeping much better as well.  I feel like I'm on my way!  I'm motivated, and ready to keep it up!

Weigh in tomorrow.  I can't wait to see how the results have been!

Meals -

Skipped Breakfast (bad, I know)

After workout - protein shake - banana

Lunch - 6" Subway Roasted Turkey Breast (on wheat, no cheese, with spinach, onion, tomato, pickle, mustard)

Mid afternoon - 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner - 1/2 rotisserie chicken - Romaine Lettuce and Spinach Salad with fat free balsamic vinegar dressing.

Until Next time...