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Day 10: Lost In The Grocery Store

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True story: Walked around Homeland for 20 minutes this morning looking for Apple Butter. Despite the name -- NO -- it's not in the butter section. LOL! And ever heard of Ezekial bread? Yea, me either.

Seriously, I got a new "menu" from Trainer Jami today. It's extreme. It's going to be tough. High protein but little else. I'm going to try it for a few days before I post it because TRUST ME it's EXTREME. I seriously have my doubts on this one. And here's why: I work crazy hours. I'm up between 7 and 7:30 in the morning and I get home from work after midnight. I have to be at my best, energy and brain function, personality, and look good when everyone else is going to bed. Right now, I'm really dragging. 

Yes,  I AM going to try this strict diet, but please forgive me if I nod off, or appear as if I'm going to pass out by the 10 o'clock news... :) Also to my co-workers.... I apologize in advance for being a grump(ier) than usual....  :))

For those wanting to make some changes,  Jami shared some really good tips on healthy eating and lifestyle on her facebook page today. I'll share the link here too. Follow these and you can get moving and see change.

Oh yea, we did weigh in today at the gym. I'm down 5 1/2 pounds. That gives me the motivation to keep going.