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Denison ISD Joins School Finance Lawsuit Against State of Texas

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX--Texas budget cuts have caused an uproar among educators. Another local school district has voiced their support of a statewide lawsuit. Administrators say the cuts to public education are unfair, and they want to do something about it.

"We've got a very good case against the state," Dr. Henry Scott said, Denison ISD Superintendent. "Hopefully it will force the legislature to do what's right for schools."

Denison, along with 200 other schools, is joining the Equity Center's lawsuit against the State of Texas. The Center claims the public distribution of education funds is unfair.

"Some of the richer districts are able to keep a good portion of their money where in our district, we're funded at a very low level," Scott said. 

For five years, funds for Denison, and many other districts, have been frozen. Last session, lawmakers in Austin chopped $4 billion from public education. $2 million of that has been taken from Denison ISD for the next two years.

"We felt like that our district was suffering financially as a result of the school finance plan in place," Scott said. 

Since then, four Grayson county districts and six Fannin county districts have supported the litigation.

Sherman ISD is still looking at the possibility. They have yet to make a decision.

"We have had some issues in the state in regards to how schools are financed," Dr. Al Hambrick said, Sherman ISD Superintendent. "A resolution would need to be passed by the board of trustees and then once a resolution."

Unequal funding for schools, said Superintendent Scott, is unfair to students.

"It's now time to join in with others to make a statement that we need some relief," Scott said. 

It could cost Denison ISD as much as $5,000 to take part in the litigation. According to school officials, it may be worth the price if it means leveling the playing field.


Original Petition from the Equity Center

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