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Tabasco Sauce and Patience

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Really missing my spicy Mexican food right now.

Don't get me wrong, I love chicken and veggies and whole grain rice ... but where's the flavor? The good stuff like soy sauce and butter is fattening. So, I've become much like my Grandfather, Tabasco Sauce is my new best friend :)

Here's the reality folks. The first week was hard. I went through complete "bad" carb withdrawal. But, this week, I feel much better. I'm also learning how to make time for work outs and to fix healthy food in advance. It takes time. Going from the lifestyle of.. grab it and go.. to healthy planning is not easy.. But.. I'm slowly figuring this stuff out. You can TOO!!

Jami says I'll weigh in tomorrow... :)) Little nervous about that because I don't feel like I've lost any weight. Today Kris Hair said his pants are feeling lose on him... grrrrrr....

I have accepted though, and will probably prove through this little experiment, that men and women lose weight differently.

I promise more health/exercise tips in the near future. Just let me get this thing figured out and I promise to pass along more that I've learned.

Wish me luck on the scales tomorrow....   

To the tune of a song from the Broadway Musical Peter Pan ... "think skinny thoughts... think skinny thoughts.""